How to Set Up Acura HomeLink®

December 22nd, 2021 by

Acura HomeLink

Your new Acura is loaded with exceptional features that make your time on the road more enjoyable. One of the features that is in many new Acura models is HomeLink. This programmable feature enables you to use built-in buttons on the vehicle to access your garage door opener. How can you program your Acura’s HomeLink system?

Depending on your model, your car’s three HomeLink buttons may be located on the rearview mirror, the overhead console, or the driver’s sun visor. After parking your car in the driveway close to the garage door, you will need to ensure that the HomeLink buttons are accessible to you. Hold the remote control for the garage door opener in one hand, and use the other hand to access your car’s HomeLink buttons. While pushing down on the garage door opener’s remote control to raise or lower the door, hold down the corresponding HomeLink button simultaneously. As you continue holding both buttons down, the HomeLink system’s light will blink steadily. Then, it should remain a solid color. Once this happens, the garage door opener and the HomeLink button are synced. To raise and lower the garage door, push the HomeLink button in the car two times.

In some cases, an extra step may be needed. This step is required when the HomeLink system’s light blinks continuously and never changes to a solid light. You will need to get out of the car and access the garage door opener’s box using a ladder if this happens. Find and push the button for the Smart or Learn feature. After pushing this button, you will have 30 seconds to return to the vehicle and re-access the HomeLink system’s buttons. Push the corresponding button in your car three times. Now, the door opener and the HomeLink system should be linked, and the system should be ready to use.

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