How to Maintain Your Acura RDX

Acura RDX Luxury SUV

If you are like many of our other customers at Acura of Memphis, you spent time researching your options before you picked out your new RDX from our extensive inventory. Now that you are the proud owner of an RDX, you understandably want to do your part to keep it functioning well and looking great over the years. By following these maintenance tips, you can keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule

Your vehicle’s maintenance schedule has been specifically designed to help you avoid breakdowns and other serious repair issues. It covers oil changes, brakes services, fluid refills, spark plug replacements, and more. Because these and other services should be completed at different intervals for the optimized care of your RDX, following the maintenance schedule is the easiest way to stay on top of its needs.

Inspect Your RDX Monthly

You also should do your part to monitor your RDX’s needs. Spend a few minutes checking your vehicle’s tire air pressure, engine air filter, and engine oil at the first of each month. These basic efforts could potentially help you to secure many years of life out of your vehicle.

Pay Attention When Driving

Your RDX may speak to you in various ways to tell you about its needs. For example, you may notice the brakes squealing or a high-pitched sound coming from under the hood when you step on the gas. In some cases, you may feel vibrations, grinding, slipping, or other movements without hearing a sound. These are only some of the many signs that indicate the need for auto service.

Clean Your RDX Regularly

Cleaning your RDX may seem like a cosmetic issue that has no real effect on its condition, but this is not the case. Exterior filth can ruin the paint job. It can also conceal scratches that ultimately could lead to rust damage. Grime can also accumulate in the engine, and these dirt particles could impair your vehicle’s ability to operate properly. As a rule of thumb, clean your car throughout the interior and exterior at least twice per month.

Contact Our Acura Service Center for Assistance

Do you need help caring for your Acura RDX? Contact our service center at Acura of Memphis today to schedule your vehicle’s next service with our team.