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At the Acura of Memphis service center, we are proud to be your reliable source for all your auto care needs. Our team of automotive specialists is certified in the trade and can expertly address any maintenance and repair requests that you have today. Our well-outfitted facility has all of the advanced equipment and high-quality tools that our experts need to produce quality results. You can feel confident we will improve your car’s condition to your satisfaction at every visit.

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Serving Memphis, Collierville & Germantown, TN

Your car requires multiple complicated systems to function appropriately to take you safely down the road. Each of these systems requires different types of maintenance work and may need repairs from time to time. The Acura of Memphis service center is your complete solution for your car’s needs. We perform all the services that vehicles frequently need, such as tire rotations, oil changes, etc. We also complete primary mileage services, run diagnostics when the check engine light turns on, and address your vehicle’s other needs.

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All of the parts in your vehicle have a limited lifespan. When they show signs of heavy use and age, they need to be replaced with high-quality parts that are identical to their original condition. Our Acura technicians never use aftermarket parts in our services because of their questionable quality and longevity. Instead, OEM parts are used in all of our services, ensuring your vehicle’s continued excellent performance and reliability. Our techs are available to service your vehicle soon, so schedule with us online today.