What is Horsepower & Torque?

Horsepower and torque are often spoken of interchangeably, but they are very different. The confusion is generated because commercials are simply designed to motivate you to buy versus explaining things correctly. We wanted to take some time to explain each element so you can make a more confident purchasing decision at our location!

Power is defined as the rate at which something can do work. Horsepower is defined as the rate of work needed to move 550 pounds a foot in 60 seconds, and this particular word was a word coined for marketing unlike the word torque.

Scientifically, torque is defined a rotating force whether motion results or not. Torque is measured with an equation made up of a lever and a fulcrum and not in a circular motion like a wheel turning. The equation is the length of a lever multiplied by amount of force required to make it work.

To get a lengthier lesson on torque, horsepower and their relation to how your car works visit us at Acura of Memphis in Memphis, TN.

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